This is how companies in aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering, and construction receive mandatory quality certificates with traceable and tamper-proof digital records, to be used in smart manufacturing and to assess sustainability attributes.

The implementation of our used consensus and Tendermint has been tested for many years in a lot of projects. It guarantees both high scalability and security.
The Byzantine fault tolerance used in our software establishes consensus among nodes with low computational requirements.
To provide complete anonymity to all users, each party issuing certificates to the network has its own cryptographic key pair with which it can prove its credentials and control/sign transactions.
Our technology enables automated signing of transactions by authorized machines and applications due to business rules executed in trusted execution enclaves.
Our self custody key management service is compliant to the highest requirements of financial industries including FIPS 140-2 and provide entire control from customer side.
Our solution can easily connect to other protocols. It provides interoperability with the likes of Ethereum & Polkadot as well as the possibility to link itself directly to other DLT solutions in the industry.
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