digital material certificates

We introduce computable certificates to industrial supply chains. Our software serves as a drop-in replacement for paper-based documents to unlock the value of traceable material quality and sustainability data.

Trusted by leading companies in the steel, metal and plastics industries.

The value of data for certificate receivers

business efficiency

  • Automate manual document handling during material receipt processes.
  • Process inbound to outbound certificates seamlessly.
  • Perform adaptive process control based on actual material data.

quality assurance

  • Automate checks on material conformity to specification or standard.
  • Automate checks on a material’s and supplier’s approval status.
  • Run data analytics and drive data insights on material performance.

sustainability reporting

  • Assess product sustainability of your upstream supply chain.
  • Provide verifiable sustainability claims in Digital Product Passports.
  • Improve recycling capabilities with more detailed material data.

Streamline the certificate workflow
this is how it works using your existing enterprise software

Certificate issuers


Create certificates from your existing enterprise software.



Provide immutable credentials to your certificate data.


Certificate receivers


Verify the integrity of CoA data and the authenticity of its originator.



Consume certificate data within your existing enterprise software.


Trustworthy data sharing
a platform for issuers and receivers


Register an account and create a record for your company, issuing and receiving certificates.


Create a wallet to safely store your cryptographic keys to sign a certificate's notarization.


Calculate a cryptographic proof for a certificate issued and store it immutable on Blockchain signed with your keys.


Calculate a cryptographic proof for a certificate received and verify the evidence by querying the Blockchain.


Create the configuration items necessary to enable machine-to-machine communication to automate issuing and receiving.
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"Our materials are used in safety critical applications, that's why forgery-proof quality certificates are a must to protect our brand"

Werner Aumayr, CIO at Austria Metall AG (AMAG)

“We need those tools as otherwise, we cannot tackle the challenges on our way to reach our Sustainability Milestones with the end goal of Carbon Neutrality in 2050.”

Automotive Network at BASF SE

"Our digitization projects require machine-readable material data. So far this information was concealed in paper based documents"

Andrej Hettinger, Head of Quality and Process at Julius Blum GmbH

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Our blockchain provides immutable identity to material data

Algorithms established trust

    Blockchain combines cryptographically secured data structures with decentralized mechanisms to establish consensus about the state of the world, shared by all network members.

    Operations by the industry

      A single entity never controls a Blockchain due to the decentralized network and storage architecture. The materials industry can build a trustworthy single source of truth for itself and its customers.

      Energy efficient by design

        Blockchains are often associated with high energy consumption due to the computational intensive Proof-of-Work consensus. Alternative algorithm Byzantine Fault Tolerance is sustainable due to low energy consumption.

        Common Questions

        What is the advantage of electronic data interchange (EDI)?

        The need to create and maintain data mappings between sender and receiver is eliminated by using open source standards.

        What is the advantage of digitally signed files?

        Data verification can be carried out at any point in the supply chain by any holder of a test certificate without managing public keys or interacting with a centralized identification service.

        What kind of data is stored during the process?

        Our service accesses data only for the purpose of processing according to the settings of our customers. We do not store any information.

        Which certificate standards are supported?

        Our service supports currently inspections certificates according European Standards for steel, aluminium and engineering plastics.

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