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Certificates that work
for humans and machines

This is how companies in aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering and construction receive mandatory quality certificates with traceable and tamper-proof digital records, to be used in smart manufacturing and to assess sustainability attributes.

Digital Certificate

We notarize data with the aim to keep it machine readable, while meeting mandatory document standards. This is how companies can digitize today’s paper heavy process, issue and securely share quality information across the company's boundaries. All while being more competitive.

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  • Automate verification of a document’s legitimacy and validity
  • Automate checks on qualification of suppliers, materials or parts
  • Connect quality data from common business applications and machines
  • Supporting existing standards EN 10204, EN 10168 and DIN SPEC 9012

Blockchain enables digital over paper as new standard of trust

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Establishes a common set of data, describing the state of the digital and physical reality between multiple parties.

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Implements technical guarantees to secure the immutability of data, once the network participants are in consensus with it.

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Ensure network resilience, eliminates the risk of data loss at a single point of failure by syncing data on multiple nodes.

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Is guaranteed by executing only transactions that are valid. Signing entities are verified and secured by cryptographic technology.


Platform Services

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  • Marking of products that stem from green production customers and responsible bodies
  • Green costs recognition and immediate amortisation of sustainable investments
  • Tracking of reused and recycled content from raw materials to final products
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  • Trustworthy technology, armed with integrity, security and interoperability at its core
  • Decentralised architecture, where each party maintains control and data ownership
  • Open standard and integrations with common business applications with no vendor lock-in
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  • Batch specific and machine readable material processing data sheets
  • Procurement decisions based on expected performance during processing and use
  • Material-to-machine communication through hardware gateways
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  • Verifiable audit trail from raw materials to semi-finished parts and components
  • Sharing up-to-date, secure material quality data with all qualified partners
  • Access credentials which are limited to materials owned, help fight fake documents