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Catena-X Automotive Network

Catena-X Automotive Network

Flavia CristianFlavia CristianAugust 24, 2022

Catena X Automotive Network. This is the name of the #AutomotiveAlliance driven by BMW Group and other associates such as 

#Catena X is more than a cross-sectoral, data sharing platform. It is an expandable ecosystem in which automobile manufacturers, suppliers, resellers and raw material producers can participate equally. 

Industry 4.0

One of the aims behind this association is the digitization and automation of the whole automotive industry. The sector will benefit from the traceability from each data output throughout the #valuechain and from the increased efficiency in quality and logistics processes.

Cross-sectoral data sharing

What Oliver Zipse, CEO at BMW, would call network 5.0, Catena X is aiming for a uniform standard of information for data streams, preventing the individual formation of multiple information networks that would lead to data silos. 


Supply chain visibility  would ensure economies of scale in each step of the value chain and it will give way to greater transparency with regard to sustainable CO2 reduction. Sustainability factors that go into the production of each part, will be accountable throughout the value chain, leading to new market opportunities in the supply chain. 

BMW Group

The use case of this network for BMW Group is vast. Through standardized information and data availability, the automotive manufacturer will increase competitiveness, improve efficiency in industry-specific cooperation and accelerate company processes, which allows for fast response time and adaptability to changes in production and in the market. 

Moreover, Catena X will also have applications in how BMW accounts for their sustainability data. Machine data stemming from its value chain partners will entail sustainability factors that went into the production process. These factors could be accounting for what energy source was used in production or what the provenance of a certain product is.

S1SEVEN | Material Identity has come up with an interoperable, API driven, blockchain-based  solution for the automotive industry of accounting the true proportion of sustainability factors ( such e.g. the energy source) per batch of material.

Since BMW wants to reduce  #CO2 emissions in the supplier network by 20% until 2030, a technology like this will allow for a holistic view of the sustainability balance of the company. 

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