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IPDB welcomes S1SEVEN as a new member

IPDB welcomes S1SEVEN as a new member

Mirza MustaficMirza MustaficAugust 24, 2022

The Interplanetary Database Association (IPDB) e.V. welcomes S1Seven GmbH as a new member. 

This Berlin-based non-profit organization aims to improve blockchain technology research and decentralized governance for the benefit of society, as well as to drive the usage of blockchain technology in industrial and non-profit contexts.

S1SEVEN founders Stefan Grüll and Hannes Stiebitzhofer took this step to emphasize the importance of governance structures and additional technology research in the blockchain industry. It demonstrates the industrial relevance of the open-source projects managed by IPDB Association, including BigchainDB (later renamed PlanetMint) in 2018.

"We are pleased to welcome S1SEVEN to the IPDB family as an active user of the blockchain code governed by our Association. Since handling digital certificates of all kinds will become a relevant process and business model, we are convinced that the work S1SEVEN is doing is an important building block to enable regulatory compliance for many industries." - as stated by Sebastian Becker, IPDB’s president.

S1SEVEN is delighted to be part of the mission, and we are looking forward to having a more positive impact on society. Stefan Grüll, CEO of S1SEVEN, states: “Our membership will allow us to further analyse governance options and process security analysis. It enables consortiums to adapt theirapproach to benefit from chains of custody on the blockchain or an updated, open-sourcecodebase for governance and other audit trail mechanisms or registry options for hardware datasources.”

Follow this link to access the completed documentation.