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Mining & Metals Conference

Mining & Metals Conference

Katharina KöckKatharina KöckNovember 17, 2022

At the Mining and Metals conference, we hosted a panel together with Adrienn Leier from Concircle, who asked Dr. Marko Lange SAP the following question: 

“The topicof climate change and sustainability drives a lot of new regulatory frameworks. Are digital solutions for carbon footprint transparency only the answers to this regulatory compliance or is it also a business opportunity?”

His answer in a nutshell was: “It depends on the timeframe that we are looking. Today carbon footprint management is not business-critical. Stakeholders expect that it gets delivered. There is most likely no commercial impact if it isn’t. Also, end customers will mostly not choose different products yet. 

In a few years (in some areas earlier) from now, it will be a legal requirement. If you want to import CO2-intensive products into the EU, proof of your carbon footprint is required, as the carbon tax applies according to the product specifications. 

In addition, it will be a competitive advantage, as customers in the industries will demand a carbon footprint as they have to prove their own and will start buying from companies that can offer transparency and the exact data.  

The crucial point is that you need to start the process now to be ready when the regulation kicks off as the process takes time.”  


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