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Leonie WidmannLeonie WidmannAugust 24, 2022

We are honored to announce that STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play has invited S1SEVEN to this year's EXPO10 to speak about the digitization of quality certificates to unlock traceability of low-carbon materials. We were selected alongside other global game-changing startups and the platform’s vast partners and network, to showcase our innovative technology and discuss topics of quality and sustainability data in the automotive value chain.

The implementation of responsible sourcing and production in the automotive sector requires the supply chains in this industry to reconcile large amounts of data across company borders. such as the CO2 content and the amount of recycled components in materials.

S1SEVEN has dedicated itself to this task, making the exchange of information in the supply chain faster, more secure and interoperable since today's paper-based documents can be replaced with tamper-proof machine-readable records . We now have the opportunity to present our approach and to contribute to the automation and digitization of the industry.

How is this accomplished and what does blockchain have to do with it?

With the use of distributed ledger technology data can be exchanged in a peer-to-peer way without intermediary. In this way each party maintains full control of its data, identity, and destiny. Providing protection to the authenticity and integrity of the information, this solution is designed to meet certificate standards and regulatory requirements.

Find further information on the event here.


S1Seven GmbH is a software platform provider, focusing on data trustworthy solutions enabling Digital Quality Certificates. This is how companies in aerospace, S1Seven GmbH provides a decentralised software platform for Digital Quality Certificates-as-a-service for steel, metal, and plastics. This is how companies in aerospace, automotive, rail tech, construction and other industries, share machine readable data instead of paper-based documents to use for smart manufacturing, to account sustainability attributes, or to automate the verification of a material and process provenance. Our technology is scalable, secure, and certified. Our clients are in all stages of the supply chain: from the raw material producers to the processor and up to OEMs and notified bodies.

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Media contact: Leonie Widmann